Friends Around Iraq


Here are some photos from some of my classmates -- the group that met up at Ft. Jackson, then to Ft. Bragg and finally divided up to the assigned units around the country.

Somebody's lucky day. All are safe.

Gene Pursiful is now the funniest guy these Iraqi kids know.

Three Kings. Must have been CERP day -- Commander's Emergency Relief Program. The money is used to initiate public works projects.

Qwynne, a vetrenarian deployed to HOA -- Horn of Africa, plays soccer when she's not fixing goats.

John holds a bona fide cannonball -- a hundred year's old.

South and East of Baghdad, this watchtower was once a lonely outpost to protect a fort some 10 miles away. It was built around 600 AD.

June 2006: Hours after the US war planes dropped two 500-pound bombs on AMZ; the former Iraqi public enemy number one.

Pat was with the first unit on the ground at the AMZ scene with the exception of Special Forces.