Living Quarters at Ft. Bragg (pre-deployment)


Originally built for the 82nd Airborne Division after WW II, this dilapidated part of the post is now referred to as "Old Division." But don't worry, they are worse than they look.

Building 5261, in all it's glory. This two story unit houses 25 soldiers on each floor.

Amazingly enough we do have electricity in this fine facility.

Ahh, it ain't nothin' we couldn't fix with duck tape!

Second floor inside 5261.

Closet space is at a premium.

This is my bunk. There are many bunks like it, but unfortunately, the top one is mine.

The shower room holds two at a time. Pray there's hot water left when it's your turn.

Sink: $50; Mirror: $75; waiting my turn to use one of four sinks availble for a morning shave among 25 other hairy dudes? Priceless.

We all chipped in to rent a 50" TV. I'm not sure where the guys found the couch. On that note, I don't think I want to know.

Not keeping up with the Jones' -- we're a little upset with our neighbors. They don't seem to think the covenant laws governing this gated community apply to them. The architectural control committee has cited them several times.

Our barracks borders Pope Air Force Base. This A-10 Thunderbolt is making it's final approach for landing.

A C-17 also makes its final approach. Building 5261 feels like it will implode every time one of these rumbles overhead.

A C-130 rolls down the strip. Seems like a 100 of these roll every night at 11:00 to drop off a thousand paratroopers.