Mobilization Civil Affairs Course (MCAC)


This the the initial group of officers recalled that I reported with to Ft. Jackson. Then to Ft. Bragg and here we have just finished the MCAC course at the JFK special warefare center.

Loading up for a field exercise at MCAC
. At this point, many of us were still wearing the old BDUs (traditional green uniforms). There's a Navy Master Chief Petty officer wearing the tan DCU (desert camouflage). But by now nearly everyone has the new gray, digital camouflage uniforms that the gentleman standing front and center in this photo is wearing.

Enroute to our field exercise we are greeted by mock protestors, protesting the US presence in the fictional country of "Pineland."

Muu are not welcome here.

The crowd blocks our convoy from entering.

The FOB -- forward operating base.

Basically, it's a bunch of tents with triple strand concertina wire around it. We stayed here for about a week or 10 days while rebuilding "Pineland."

When it rains, it gets nasty around here.

Major Mike Schoenborn is the old man of the group. He'd already retired and then volunteered to come back for this and takes it seriously. He cracks me up because he tags along with all the young guys to pump iron at the gym and buys up all kinds of supplements from GNC.

Captain Duane Butler, who works for a logistics company, points and poses at Captain Bruce Beardsly, a police officer in Montgomery County, Md.