Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)


The MOUT site is a mock town for training in an urban environment. This site at Ft. Bragg is quite extensive with a town hall, bus stops, car repair shops, etc.

The price of the town homes have skyrocketed in recent years. Almost three years ago one of my last training missions with a regular drilling infantry unit was to gain a stronghold in this row of homes as part of a battalion size attack.

Notice the red tower behind the large white building. Many of the buildings are now outfitted with video cameras that can be monitored from this tower. Also, these videos are often played back for troops after a training mission to point out unit successes and areas for improving technique.

Major Martin Regan, a branch manager for AIG, directs something. At least that's what it looks like. I mean, he is pointing and looks all officer-ish. It must be important.

Major Dave Beardi, a restaurant owner, and Captain Bill LeFever, a "federal employee" also from Arlington, Va., sweep a room for insurgents.

Hans and Frans think flexing is a better way to sweep for insurgents.

After Action Reviews (AAR) are a standard following every exercise. Much like the replaying of videos as noted earlier, it provides a chance for every team member, regardless of rank to comment on successes and areas for improvement.

One squad takes a break on a rooftop.

The MOUT site sits overwatching a convoy live firing range. Several months later we would return to train in HUMVEES convoying down that little road out yonder. If you look closely, you can see some of the hulking targets we'd eventually engage during the latter training.

A different MOUT site designed to look Middle Eastern and developed out of junk -- old shipping containers welded together. We'd visit this site much later and the training here was quite good.

The drop zone facing this second MOUT site.