Scrounging HUMVEEs and using a local paintball range has been one of the ways we've been able to conduct realistic convoy training.

Turret gunners keep a low profile. Our vehicles in country will be mounted with an automatic crew-served machine gun.

This vehicle must have taken a wrong turn.

John Flippen, corporate finance attorney from Manhattan, takes aim.

The difference between cover and concealment is a paintball away.

Disasembling the M240B -- the heavy machine gun that replaced the Vietnam era M60. It's a bit heavier, in the neighborhood of 30 pounds, but it is a much simpler design and malfunctions far less.

Eric Schiemann explains the laser sights on the side of the M249 light machine gun while John Maguire, an analyst with Goldman Sachs looks on.

Now where was that spring supposed to go?

Major Dave Navertil, a store manager for Home Depot parries a knife strike. Dave will be on the planning team for me down range.

Hard to tell whose winning.

Oh, yeah. I am.

An officer fresh back from Iraq provides us with an cultural briefing as it relates to civil military operations.


Army Chaplain Bedsole points out how Saddam twisted Islamic history to develop propaganda intended to strengthen public support for his regime.


A local mosque in Fayetteville affords us the opportunity to learn about the religion. This group follows WD Mohammad who broke with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam in the 1960s over ideology.

Boots must come off before entering the mosque.



Imman Haneef begins our visit to a local mosque with an Islamic prayer. To his left, Army Chaplain Khan, of Indian ethnicity, is one of six chaplains of Islamic faith in the Army.