Around Kirkuk


Rubble left from the old regime.


A common site in Kirkuk; some claim its an ethnic group returning home after being forced to leave under the old regime. Others say its a land grab by opportunists. Add oil to the mix and we have local politics.

The future leaders of Iraq.


Donkey's don't run on benzene.

Trash is an enormous problem. There's no removal services and people are accustom to just dumping it.

Some houses have a lot of potential.

The flooding here underscores the issues with drainage and sewerage. Kirkuk hasn't seen public works projects in perhaps 30 years thanks to the old regime.

Typical garbage day. We have an engineer working on a program to remedy this. We jokingly call him Captain Trash.

Market street, Kirkuk.

To most kids, we're still liberators.

The Citadel.

Kirkuk from the Citadel.


The Tomb of Daniel.

Inside the Tomb of Daniel. Word is these walls used to be lined with gold.

Fresh meat. (Click to enlarge).

Fresh vegtables.

More trash.

Still more trash.