Christmas Melody


Precombat checks, Christmas Eve. Click to enlarge

The art work of a grade school class somewhere in America. Click to enlarge

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This is just asking for trouble.

KC, always up to no good. Come on dude, like, give me my gun back. Really, it's not funny. (Click to enlarge)

SGT Smaic. Notice the K-bar peeking from under his blouse. What's with these x-marines?

Combat Lifesaver (CLS) Refesher course; a little less bloody. Click to enlarge

LT (SG) Grajeda, USN, takes inventory of CLS bags.

SGT Dulak, a cop from Roanoake, marks CLS bags with contents.

Gifts begin appearing for the Secret Dirty Santa.

My other Uncle Sam. Click to enlarge

Some of our translators treat us to a traditional Kurdish meal, to help celebrate Christmas. Lamb kabob's pictured above.

Lamb quarters, with potatoes and rice.

DoS' Jim Bigus goes for the soup.

Dr. Khalid, a Jordanian-born interpreter, from Michigan.

Mike Taylor of Deloitte & Touche digs in. Mike speaks fluent Arabic (and Russian).

MAJ Paul Beekman. He earned that 101st combat patch in Desert Storm. They didn't eat like this back then.


Papa Gaynor, NCOIC.

Camo-netting and lights; a field expedient Christmas Tree.

SPC Chance Avery poses with me in for our Christmas Card photo. Click to enlarge

Abu Saddam (aka Sheikh Hussien), COL Abdul Fatah and some Hawijah District Council Leaders will make this Christmas Eve a memorable one. Click to enlarge

Christmas Eve cookout on FOB Warrior.


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Christmas Morning; SGT Dulak can't wait to open presents. Click to enlarge.

We gather around the tree.

The biggest kid in the room explains the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange rules.

Draw numbers from a hat.

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Those Navy guys...they take such pride in the uniform.

All that's left is the wrapping paper.

Many of the servers in the chow hall are from Bangledesh, India and the Phillipines. They get the Christmas Spirit as well.

Christmas dinner.

I don't think anyone ate the fish.

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