Day in the Life


KC, one of our DoD interpreters from San Diego. Hardbitten after a tour with the marines in Fallouja, KC is in the final stages of obtaining US citizenship.

Pre-combat checks before rolling; sometimes these include comic relief.

Sergeant First Class Brown -- a former Navy Corpsman, turned former Marine, and now an NCO with the Army's 101st Airborne missed his calling with the MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

Some of the interpreters chat while waiting for the convoy briefing before departure. The brief, which follows the standard five paragraph operations order format, is conducted for every convoy no matter how routine.

The scene is similar as we get ready to leave in the afternoon.

Range time keeps skills sharp.

SFC Turner takes a turn in the turret.

West Point grad, CPT Mike Taylor an engineer, ponders the life of a dog in Iraq some afternoons.

SSG Gray calls in a radio check before departing the Regional Embassy Office (REO).