Kirkuk Government Building


Back entrance to the KGB.

Iraqi Police (IP) observation post.

There are dumpster's, but as the trash in the city attests, there is no working system for removing trash.

One of the numerous stray dogs that roam Kirkuk.

Americans are the only people that will pat them. But you should definitely wear gloves. The group before us used to feed them which is why they hang around. The dogs are absolutely filthy which is in part why the military has issued a general order prohibiting the feeding of animals.

Mamma and pup lounge by a dripping pipe to keep cool from the hot sun. Recently, she just had another litter.

The media room at the KGB moments after we learned that the US bombed Iraq's former Public Enemy Number One. The event was an enormous morale boost all over country.

The provincial council in full session -- about 30 of the 40 members are present. Typical attendance.

The billboard in back spells Kirkuk Provincial Council in five languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Assyrian/Chaldean (a very small Christian minority) and English.

One of Kirkuk's finest stands guard with an AK-47 during all council meetings.

A new class of Iraqi Police (IP).



IP AK-47s lined up in a neat formation.

Mama and pups. One problem with the wild dogs is population control -- the lack there of.

This little guy howls in protest of my intrusion.

This series of photos were taken over several weeks -- watch how the trash accumulates.

A UN program sponsors trash removal here and around the city. The clean-up is an improvement by Iraqi standards.